Intelligent Machine Solutions: Vicon introduces GEOSPREAD

Intelligent Machine Solutions: Vicon introduces GEOSPREAD

Actual spreading is executed with fixed working widths during operation, mostly based on tramline systems. Because fields are not always rectangular, the optimal working width can vary. Spreading into for example an angled/wedge shaped field or curved field border, without changing the working width causes under dosing, over dosing or even spreading outside the field boundary: a flexible working width during a specific operation will minimize the above mentioned “undesirable” overlap and finally will save on fertiliser and improve the crop quality.

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One of the tools to set the working widths on the Vicon weighing spreaders is the discharge point of the fertiliser by adjusting the letter setting. Normally this letter setting is done manually before starting. With the GEOSPREAD option on the Vicon RO-EDW weighing spreading it is now possible to adjust this letter setting individually for both discs electrically from the tractor cabin. This means the working width can be adjusted very quickly and accurate by just touching the ISOBUS terminal!

You can set your spreader even more accurate, when running IsoMatch GEOCONTROL in addition to GEOSPREAD. The working width will then be place specific adjusted by GPS. So when driving for example into a wedge shaped corner of the field, GEOSPREAD will start to decrease the working width step by step. GEOSPREAD is then using the section control operated by the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software on the IsoMatch Tellus and split the working width into several sections of 2 meter. Not only the spreading width is adjusted, the application rate (kg/min) is automatically adjusted as well to the changing circumstances. This unique combination of working width and application rate makes the GEOSPREAD system very accurate, without influencing the variation coefficient negatively. The new GEOSPREAD weighing spreader is probably the most intelligent system for spreading with GPS in the market.

Advantages of GEOSPREAD:

  1. Quick and accurate reaction, because of direct actuator steering on the discharge point
  2. Stable disc RPM in combination with discharge point adjustments to maintain the spreading pattern (VC)
  3. Easy operation; no need to step off the tractor to adjust working width
  4. 100% ISOBUS compatible operation

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