Vicon Range of Triple Mowers

Looking for more mowing capacity? Vicon offers an extensive range of triple mowers suited to you. From plain disc mowers up to 10.20m triple mower conditioners; our extensive offering covers it all. Experience excellent cutting quality with triangular discs and innovative suspension concepts for accurate ground tracking and take a step into the future with our new GEOMOW solutions.



Vicon EXTRA 390

The EXTRA 390 triple mower provides efficient performance with the 8.70m working width paired with a low weight design. The EXTRA 390 is an energy saving solution purposely built for low operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumption. Power requirements starts from only 120hp. Integrated parking device for vertical storage is standard.

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Vicon EXTRA 395

The triple mower that gives you a little extra on the working width. An effective solution enabling you to mow extensive areas with a relatively small tractor. With 9.50m working width and only 1500kg this is an efficient mower combination. Hydraulic on-the-go setting of ground pressure is available as option.

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Vicon EXTRA 687T

The EXTRA 687T triple mower conditioner is designed with easy operation in mind. This low weight triple mower conditioner offers 8.75m working width and nylon tine conditioning. Power requirements starts from only 150hp. Offering a number of features and possibilities, this mower is fitted with the features that matters. Widespreading and vertical park solution are standard and hydraulic adjustment of ground pressure is available as option.

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Vicon EXTRA 690T BX

The 9m triple mower conditioner with swath belts and ISOBUS control. A well proven concept with its durable pendulum suspension with 4 heavy duty suspension springs. The EXTRA 690T BX is fully ISOBUS compatible and easy to operate. It offers 4 different output, from three swaths into one to 100% widespreading.

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Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario– EXTRA 7100R Vario

We drew inspiration from the racing world and created the EXTRA 7100 series with a groundbreaking suspension concept - the QuattroLink. With its’ 10.20m working width the EXTRA 7100 is geared for productive working days. It is packed with innovative features such as Vario adjustment of overlap, full width BreakAway protection, dual adjustment of conditioner hood and integrated vertical park. The EXTRA 7100 is available with SemiSwing steel tines or roller conditioning.

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Vicon EXTRA 7100T BX Vario – EXTRA 7100R BX Vario

The QuattroLink triple mowers are now available with a new innovative BX swath belt solution. This solution is primed to maximize working capacity and utilize the full capacity of the EXTRA 7100. The BX belt automatically does the job of adjusting belt speed to working width, to achieve the same uniform swath width, regardless of position of mowing units.

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The optional GEOMOW solution transforms the EXTRA 7100 into an easy to operate mower and makes mowing so much smarter. The Vicon GEOMOW application delivers automatic adjustment of overlap between rear and front mowers constantly optimizing on capacity and working width. In addition the automatic headland lift via section control reduces the hassle of timing headland lifts.

16. October 2018

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